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a Musical Generator

Composing Fractal Music

A Musical Generator (aMG for short) takes all kind of objects in your computer and turns these into music. Take a picture from your desktop and convert it into music. Take the name of you and your friend and let them sound together. But why not take your tax figures from a spreadsheet and look whether they sound as music to you. When they sound bad, maybe you should have a better look at the figures.

What it all boils down to is take information from almost everywhere from your computer and turn it into music. That’s why I call it a Musical Generator; it generates music from almost everything you offer it.

After reading all this, you’ll of course want to try the program. Well that's easy: run the program, open the Demo and after you have (probably) skipped the section of how to register you can start the tutorial.

NOTE! This program is shareware, which means that you may use it for 30 days to try it out. If you still use it after these 30 days, you are expected to pay $25. How to do so, look in the Registering section.


Running the demo

Run a Musical Generator. Click File than Examples. Double click Demo.tmg. Press the play button{bmc vcr_play.bmp} and you'll hear the first music from a Musical Generator. If you don't hear anything, go to troubleshooting.


The tutorial explains how to create music in 1 lesson. You have mastered the full functionality of a Musical Generator in 10 lessons. You can also consult the How To section.


Use the reference section to find out the meaning of each term and dialog.