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Entering the alpha stage of development of Compose! meant that most issues regarding generating, editing and moving clips have been solved. Now there is more time for musical meaningful development. Features that will be developed in this stage are reversing, mirroring, looping, stretching and transposing. Suggestions for other musical features are welcome.

13 december 2011 (0.5.3 build 818)

  • The user manual has been drastically improved! I knew it was necessary but when users started to ask for features that were already implemented I decided to spend the weekend to its improvement. As a result of the questions I would like to point you to some exciting new (now documented) features:
    1. use the stretch factor to lengthen or shorten all notes of a clip
    2. Study the paragraph on clip editing to discover all features of clips
    3. Linking allows you to play with themes like Bach did
    4. Look at the paragraph on Precision and quantization to have more control over the position of your clips
  • Keep asking for new features, when I am lucky I just have to document something existing :-), in the other case: it is good to know your wishes and when I can simply implement a feature I will surely do that
  • Clips can be dragged from the vector view and dropped in the clip view. That makes that there are three ways to create a clip from a vector:
    1. drag and drop the vector, this yields a clip of 10 measures
    2. click the vector and next click in the clip view, this yields as well a clip of 10 measures
    3. click the vector and next click and drag in the clip view, this feature enables you to make the vector as long or short as you wish
  • The vector plot has been improved, it has a normal close button and when you move the mouse near the top a tool bar appears allowing you to save or copy the clip or change the colors
  • The vector plot can be terminated now even when plotting, this caused an error in the past
  • The application data is now stored correctly into the correct path
  • A bug has been corrected that caused an error message when leaving the vector editor and next play the music
  • Some optical illusions have been corrected, like switching the semantics of the buttons
  • When playing the last note was not followed by a note-off event, this caused an organ or a violin to sound endlessly, has been corrected
  • Bug removed that caused to play on even when all clips were finished
  • The error “trying to set dimension to a non-existing one” when playing with text has been removed
  • Clips have their own colors, these can be changed in the options panel

30 november 2011 (0.5.3 build 804)

  • The plugin manager has been improved. Plugins can now be any Dynamic System, they were limited to just 2D systems.

28 november 2011 (0.5.3 build 800)

  • Despite earlier reports in some cases Compose! did not start correctly after install. This bug should be (really) eliminated by now.
  • A windows installer was added, alas it works only for windows 7 and Vista. I am working to remove this silly bug. XP users can download and extract the .zip file.

17 november 2011 (0.5.3 build 788)

  • removed some bugs

14 november 2011 (0.5.3 build 785)

  • Have fun with controllers! Apply fractals to MIDI controllers
  • Bug removed that caused an error message when switching from drum to controller
  • Bug revoved that caused incorrectplot of controllers
  • Clips are now plotted correctly, the notes correspond with their durations
  • Chord generates notes without a vector

7 November 2011 (0.5.3 build 782)

  • Bug solved.

31 October 2011 (0.5.3 build 761)

  • There is a bug that may plague XP-users. Compose! hangs when exiting and no music has been played. Playing even one note prevents this bug from occuring. I am working on it

30 October 2011 (0.5.3 Build 743)

  • Complex maps resulted in a failure, corrected
  • all numeric vectors function ok now, including e and pi
  • Lots of issues with showing clips are solved
  • starting clips separately is now quantized, this allows precise starting of clips
  • text files are now directly read from file
  • image files can be read from file (insufficiently tested)
  • files should now write and read correctly
  • Each type of clip has its own color, colors can be adjusted on clip type base
  • Clips can link to each other. They could in 0.5.2 but that implementation was a bit, uhm, erroneous. Linking means that vectors are shared from one clip to the other but all other parameters are retrieved from the linking clip. This allows for a theme clip and other clips that revert, mirror, transpose the theme
  • the timer has been improved (meaning smoother music generation), but timing issues need still to be looked at
  • and lots of small errors have been corrected

1 september 2011 (0.5.2)

  • Clips can link to each other, meaning that one clip duplicates the other, but may add its own tansposition, reverse, mirroring, etc. When the source clip changes, the linked clip changes as well. In this way you can easily experiment with themes.

30 August 2011 (0.5.1)

  • Transpose option has been added: chromatic and diatonic transpositions are possible. This allows to build fugues with Compose! An example will soon be added.
  • When quitting Compose!, the current session is automatically saved. The open menu now has an option to load the backup file if one is present.
  • The most recently opened file list is screened at startup for existence of the files. If a file does not exist it is autimatically removed from the list.

28 August 2011 (0.5)

  • A clip can loop now: open the clip editor and change the number of times a clip can loop. This is not yet shown, the clip will not increase in length. I am thinking about a way to visualize looping, suggestions are appreciated.
  • Notes can be stretched or shortened when the length of a clip is changed. Just keep the Ctrl-key pressed when changing the size of a clip. Notes are stretched automatically by a factor (the stretch factor). This factor can be manually changed in the clip editor.
  • An issue of incorrect mirrorring has been solved.

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