What is Compose!

Compose! (current working title) is an exciting new product that creates music from your brain, your documents and fractals. Features are:

  • BrainPower technology to convert your EEG to music
  • Hook up your keyboard to play with Compose!
  • Fractally generated chords
  • Exciting new fractals: strange attractors
  • Add your own fractals as plugins
  • Increased speed by using multiple processors where possible

The current version is beta, the program may not behave as expected. You are invited to download and test it. Consult the Bug list for known issues. If you have any requests please tell me. For documentation consult the manual.

Download and Install Compose!

The current version is easily installed. Download and run the windows installer. The following resources are available.

Change log since beta release

Compose! now contains the main functionality as intended for release 1.0. The next milestone is the first release candidate.

16 october 2012 (

  • Bug fixed that made Compose! hang when Unchecking flexible duration

2 october 2012 (

  • Add your own styles
  • Clips have been quite improved
  • Create template of clips to create default properties of clips
  • Choose between fixed time (default) or fixed notes of clips
  • Add your own MIDI events to a clip
  • Global settings for scale instruments and soundcards easily inserted from main windows

25 juli 2012 (0.7.3 build 1236 beta 3)

  • A midi file is always saved even when it only contains controller messages

19 juli 2012 (0.7.3 build 1235 beta 3)

  • Clips can be renamed. Just click at the clip name and change the name. Be aware that Compose! always forces this name to be unique by adding a sequence number if need be. The new name is only accepted when pressing Enter.
  • When assigning vectors to the speed aspect sometimes MIDI events could be generated with speed 0, meaning note off. The lowest speed now generated is 1
  • Solved: changing some parameters of a clip not always resulted in a redraw of the clip

12 juli 2012 (0.7.3 build 1232 beta 3)

  • Solved: In data vector editor reducing duplicates might generate an error
  • Solved: Clip editor did not always show the changes after quit
  • The musical scale of a clip is now loaded correctly (was stuck to major)
  • Change in tempo edit box now changes tempo
  • User vector correctly displays colors
  • User vector can use + operand
  • User defined fractal has now an init loop as well
  • Clip editor now opens automatically when a vector hover over it
  • Splash screen shows when starting
  • Complex maps now show correctly when other initialization methods than Level Set are used
  • Download and play two examples. The forum has trouble uploading example files. As soon as this is fixed users are invited to upload and share their music.

17 june 2012 (0.7.3 build 1222 beta 3)

  • solved problem that links tended to disappear when zooming in on clips or with very long clips
  • when entering numbers for a vector and a number was wrong this generated an error and the user lost everything, now the text editor is reentered
  • Track command can now be undone
  • when editing the aspects of a clip other controls are disabled until aspect editing is closed. This prevents nasty errors to occur

15 june 2012 (0.7.3 build 1220 beta 3)

  • can now edit the note aspect of MIDI controllers
  • can now add, remove and modify rows with the data editor

12 june 2012 (0.7.3 build 1218 beta 3)

  • removed bug that caused Compose! to hang when a MIDI vector was inserted for a clip
  • The track command now functions correct

11 june 2012 (0.7.2 build 1217 beta 3)

  • when the composition view was scrolled, new inserted clips appeared at surprising positions, corrected now
  • when editing a vector the clip editor no longer remains opened
  • total composition height is now changed from 1000 to 2000 pixels
  • the clip editor is now corectly displayed when font scaling is greater than 100%
  • clip loop function works now as advertized for all types of clip: -1 is loop to end of piece
  • a decimal/hexadcimal converter for MIDI events has been added: the button labeld with 'x' in the MIDI view; it's a toggle
  • you can select in the MIDI view by clicking of a cell; only rows containing the value in that cell will be shown, use the dec/hex toggle to see all events again
  • vectors are no longer automatically plotted when opened by the vector editor, saves time, introduces inconvenience; tell me what you wish
  • a vector rotator has been added for fun, you can run this program to study some 3D fractals from each angle, the auto rotator is surprisingly stunning; run vector_rotator.exe from the same directory as Compose.exe

7 june 2012 (0.7.2 build 1209 beta 2)

  • Change in layout
  • Header in clip view can't be changed anymore
  • Clip editor closes when a new is executed
  • Canceling a complex map no longer gives an error
  • Data vector has numbers correctly shown from index #1
  • Transpose errors are corrected
  • Clip: loop = -1 no results in infinite # of loops
  • Soundcards can be changed in each clip
  • some minor changes
  • Automatical switching to and fro drum channel (10) is now an option
  • MIDI channel selection shows correctly in clip editor

3 june 2012 (0.7.2 build 1200 beta 2)

  • Many cosmetic changes and bugs removals.
  • Reintroduced the possibility of downloading and unpacking a zip file
  • Corrections for different text scaling of windows
  • Right click a clip to edit it immediately

15 April 2012 (0.7.2 build 1157 beta 2) Download

30 januari 2012 (0.7.2 build 1113 beta 2) Download

  • In some cases an annoying bug during installation popped up and could hang the system later on. I expect it to have solved by now. When you receive the message “cannot find RTL150.bpl” quit the installation immediately and tell me you got it. Tell me also which version of windows you have.
  • The save as MIDI facilities did perform badly. That should work correctly now, be it either for the entire playback or the playback of each specific clip
  • When generating music from your MIDI keyboard or from your brain EEG it is possible to save the recordings of that clip to a file
  • The problem with a halting playback when too many clips were present has been solved, playback should run smoothly now in most cases. The real show stopper is the number of clips. However, I was able to play 10 clips on a not too fast notebook
  • When playing a clip and pressing stop the program Might hang from time to time. That should be solved now
  • A vector can be played in the editor now
  • You can search for “interesting” regions in a vector and playback these
  • yoo can zoom in (left mouse click) and zoom out (right mouse click) of a complex map vector (mandelbrot likes)
  • The initialization and estimation method do work and can deliver quite spectacular results (try the newton, edit it, set the estimation method to continuoius potential, the iterations to 2500 and watch the result)
  • The vector plots have been improved. For fun it contains a bencmark as well which might reasonably well function for complex maps. Move the mouse pointer in the lower left corner and the benchmark resuilt pop up. The norm results is an estimation of how much a 1000 * 1000 with 1000 ierations might have cost. That value can be compared with other machines
  • Lots of other small problems have been addressed

Two issues are known:

  • When quitting the vector plotter when it is still plotting it might crash. Just wait until the plot is ready
  • The same applies to the vector editor. When requesting it to plot wait until the plot is ready

Both issues being investigated now

20 januari 2012 (0.6.2 build 925)

  • An issue that caused the vector editor return an error message when clicking a vector too fast has been solved
  • Exiting the vector editor could cause an error related to the MIDI sequencer in some cases. That has been resolved
  • In some cases the time bar did not run equal with the time, solved
  • Some minor improvements, especially of bitmaps

19 januari 2012 (0.6.1 build 914)

  • When a MIDI keyboard is being played the changes are immediately plorted on the clip
  • idem with the NIA, when you are thinking music you see the changes on the clip
  • I am working at a possibility to save the recording of a NIA or MIDI from the clip itself instead from the MIDI container as is now the case

16 januari 2012 (0.6.0 build 899) The beta is released. The version as is contains all the features it should contain for version 1.0. Some features have been added at the request of some testers (saving of clips, tape over feature). The most important features are:

  • Neural interface - adding the OCZ Neural Impuls Actuator (NIA) allows you to use your own brain waves to create music from
  • Undo facility - allows you to undo insertion, deletion and editing of clips
  • Tape over function - this allows you to “Tape over” an existing recording and add new music to it; useful in combination with MIDI instruments
  • Plug in MIDI instruments - just add a vector with a MIDI instrument and the niotes you play will be added to the overall music being played
  • Save a clip as MIDI file
  • Mute/Play clips during play
  • Insert MIDI files as vectors - previously a MIDI file was opened as a separate file. Not anymore: when opening a MIDI file all channels are presented and you can choose which one to insert as a vector
  • Shift “frees” from the quantizer - when quantizing this binds the clip at certain position in the clip view. This also applies when stretching or shrinking the clip. By pressing shift when moving the clip you release the restrictions of the quantizeer during moves of stretching/shrinking

And of course a lot of bugs have been removed:

  • Loading bitmaps and jpegs is now possible without errors
  • Timing has been improved
  • It is possible to save and load from text and comma separated files without problems
  • When in chord mode you can choose its own instrument
  • Some bugs in the plotter have been fixed

See the complete changelog.

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