1. Start Compose!

With Compose! you can make music out of fractals, but can also be numbers, tekst, images or whatever. By means of plugins the user you add yourown vectors (consult the technical manual on how to do this).

When you start Compose! you will see a Window that consists of four parts: the menu bar, the vector view, the composition view and the MIDI view. The vector view presents consists of two parts: a choice of vector (the very left) and the vector panel with selected vectors. By clicking on a vector a copy is made in the vector panel. If you click a vector in the vector panel and next in the clips panel a clip is created from the selected vector. Just press play and the clip is played. Created music is display in the MIDI view.

Some people like to have a clean simple view when editing their composition. By pressing F11 you can switch between normal and minimalistic view.

2. Make your first music

In this example you will learn how to create a vector, make a clip and play it. We will use the sinus as an example, because this illustrates nicely some aspects of computer generarted music.

  • Click at the data vector buttons (ICON) and next click f (x) in at the vector choices. A box pops up and asks you which function to create. The sinus is fine, but set the size at 80. Click Ok.
  • see a vector in the selected vector panel. It is a nice sinus. Click it, see a vage outline in the left upper corner of the clip view. Click in the clip view. A clip is inserted with a sinus drawn in it.
  • Press play and try to understand why you hear what you hear.

3. Intermezzo: editing the clip

3.1 Moving a clip around

  • When you click on the clip and drag it you can move the clip around. In this way you can change the time that a clip starts to play.
  • A clip can be made shorter or longer by clicking and dragging its resize handle.

3.2 Quick editing a clip

When you move over the clip a panel with several buttons appears above the clip: the so called quick-buttons.

  • Edit - when clicking this button the clip switches to edit mode
  • Play - the clip starts to play, when pressed it changes into Stop
  • Stop - playing stops, when pressed it changes into Play
  • Link - link this clip to a harmony clip
  • Unlink - remove the link at a harmony clip
  • Duplicate - create a duplicate of this clip
  • Delete - delete this clip

3.3 Editing a clip

You enter the edit mode by clicking on the edit button or right clicking in the clip. On the left are the clip type buttons: buttons with which you indicate which type of clip you want this clip to be. When clicking the instruments button, it shows a menu with all available instruments. Choose an instruments and the clip behaves like an instrument clip. The same will happen when you click the drum or controller button.

4. Changing the music

4.1 Changing durations

4.2 Changing volume

4.3 Changing the music scale

5. Creating chords

6. Creating controllers

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