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Roadmap for version 1.0

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FS#28 - Enable other measure base Expand Collapse
Measures are now calculated on a 4/4 base. Decide whether another base is allowed. This has impact on quantization and correct calculation of measures.

Measures should be calculated on a beats/rythm base. When beats or rythm will be changed that will lead to errors on quite a lot of places.

Not for version 1.0
FS#43 - Implement status controllers Expand Collapse
For Clip_type = ttcontroller no status controllers are implemented.
FS#93 - Integrate the strange attractor finder with Compose! Expand Collapse

Roadmap for version 1.2 Expand all | Collapse all

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FS#14 - Let Compose! output to VST Expand Collapse
Let VST plugins receive MIDI output from Compose!

VST plugins that receive MIDI input probably do not output sounds themselves but leave that to the application. This means that the application suddenly should output waves itself. Whether that is true or not must be further investigated. Took now a week, development deferred to a next version. Not for maintanance though.
FS#15 - Allow Compose! to act as a VST plugin to other programs Expand Collapse
This will take quite some time to find out how to do this. Not for version 1.0 or the maintenance release.
FS#220 - Graphical generation of a controller Expand Collapse
Have a MIDI controller graphically generated by drawing on the clip.

One way to solve this is generate a data vector from the clip and next reassign this to the clip.

Not for version 1
FS#380 - Movie generator returns an error Expand Collapse
Everything having to do with plotting and generating movies is deferred to a later release. Capabilities are available by using the ctrl+alt+l (log) key sequence.
FS#421 - 48/96 ticks per bar instead of 32 Expand Collapse
this would allow easier 3/4 rythm. with 48 ticsks per bar:
in 4/4: 1/4 -> 12 ticks.
in 3/4: 1/4 -> 16 ticks.
FS#427 - duration field in tickes instead of measures? Expand Collapse
I think it would be more consistent as everything else is written in ticks. This is the only field in measures.

Roadmap for version 2.0

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