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New version 0.7.3 ready for download

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2012, 17:25
by arnold
Dear Testers,

Thanks to your efforts I have succeeded to create a better version of Compose! You can find it at: ... e3094097bc

It has been silent around Compose! for some time. One of you reported a very serious error that totally immobilized his system. Recently we tested this very thoroughly and the culprit was an old MIDI driver. Using this driver by Compose! or the Windows media player all caused the system to hang. Pending the solution for this error I decided to not announce new versions. Well, that is over now :-)

That means that Compose! is still not perfect but is probably not able to hang your system. As you may notice a nag screen pops up when running the program. If this annoys you, you can use the temporary registration key:

I am experimenting with a new layout which should be simpler as a result of several remarks. Let me know what you think of it. Some apologize for mentioning small issues, don't! I even want to hear about misplaced comma's as this all leads to a better product.

I added a fun program to play with: vector_rotator.exe, it is in the same directory as compose.

Happy testing!