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Build 1220 released

PostPosted: 15 Jun 2012, 21:16
by arnold
Somebody had an interesting problem. He wanted to convert numbers to MIDI controllers. Well, that should be perfectly feasible with Compose! and by switching off the rescaling option you have direct control over the generated values. Enter the numbers > create a clip > edit the clip > switch off the rescale aspect > exit clip editor > generate music and look into the MIDI panel. Alas there was no way to edit the MIDI controller aspect. That has been fixed now and the version has been released immediately.

Other bugs that have been fixed:
- sometimes MIDI vectors caused Compose! to hang
- the track command now functions correct

The track command is quite useful when working with MIDI files (it being the reason to introduce it). Select one or more vectors, right click and select track and voila: the selected vectors are automatically inserted as clip, neatly below each other, at offset = 0 and duration of the complete piece.

Happy music generation!