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Build 1135 released

PostPosted: 19 Jul 2012, 20:50
by arnold
Some bugs were fixed in Build 1235.
  • Clips can be renamed. Just click at the clip name and change the name. Be aware that Compose! always forces this name to be unique by adding a sequence number if need be. The new name is only accepted when pressing Enter.
  • When assigning vectors to the speed aspect sometimes MIDI events could be generated with speed 0, meaning note off. The lowest speed now generated is 1
  • Solved: changing some parameters of a clip not always resulted in a redraw of the clip
  • Solved: In data vector editor reducing duplicates might generate an error
  • Solved: Clip editor did not always show the changes after quit
  • The musical scale of a clip is now loaded correctly (was stuck to major)
  • Change in tempo edit box now changes tempo
  • User vector correctly displays colors
  • User vector can use + operand
  • User defined fractal has now an init loop as well
  • Clip editor now opens automatically when a vector hover over it
  • Splash screen shows when starting
  • Complex maps now show correctly when other initialization methods than Level Set are used

Happy composing!