A Musical Generator is an electronic composition tool that creates music and MIDI files from fractals, pictures, text and numbers.

  • More than 100 fractals
  • Each fractal can be manipulated in literally infinite ways
  • Each step is visualized and "audiolized" :-)
  • Lots of help and tutorials
  • Convert text and bitmaps into music
  • Listen to your your tax figures, model results, spread sheets or whatever numeric source
  • More than 50 musical scales to have your music sound medieval, classical, chinese or modern
  • 128 tracks to create a whole concert
  • Fractalize everything, not only music but also drums and MIDI controllers
  • Add your own MIDI events


A Musical Generator is shareware and costs $25. You have a free trial for 30 days. If you decide to keep it you are expected to register the program. As a registered user you are entitled to technical support. Users already registered with earlier versions of a Musical Generator can use their current keys without any extra charge!


A Musical Generator requires windows 2000/XP/Vista, a soundcard is recommended and at least 64 MB of RAM and 5 MB of diskspace.