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ID Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Assigned To Due In Version Progress
455 Vector editor Bug Report High Closing NIA-editor leads to illegal access error Assigned Arnold RC1 0%
447 Main Bug Report High prepare upgrade from aMG Assigned Arnold RC1 0%
446 Main Bug Report High Prepare tan for kagi Assigned Arnold RC1 0%
445 TClip_View Bug Report Medium Sometimes (laptop only and why?) the clip is totally tr... Assigned Arnold RC1 0%
442 View Bug Report Medium Arrows are not long enough Assigned Arnold RC1 0%
432 vectors Feature Request Low add mouse movements as a directy input vector Researching 0%
380 vector plot Bug Report Low Movie generator returns an error Researching Arnold 1.2 0%
427 View Feature Request Very Low duration field in tickes instead of measures? Researching Arnold 1.2 0%
421 View Feature Request Very Low 48/96 ticks per bar instead of 32 Researching Arnold 1.2 0%
220 TClip_View Feature Request Very Low Graphical generation of a controller Researching Arnold 1.2 0%
93 vectors Feature Request Very Low Integrate the strange attractor finder with Compose! Assigned Arnold 1.1 (maintenance) 0%
43 TClip Feature Request Very Low Implement status controllers Assigned Arnold 1.1 (maintenance) 0%
28 Engine Feature Request Very Low Enable other measure base Researching Arnold 1.1 (maintenance) 0%
15 MSC Feature Request Very Low Allow Compose! to act as a VST plugin to other programs Researching Arnold 1.2 0%
14 MSC Feature Request Very Low Let Compose! output to VST Researching Arnold 1.2 30%
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